It is interesting to read how different people saw events differently, and how some things impacted certain people more than others. Simply click on the highlighted name below, to read this person's account of the Great Guess Whooligan Chicago Adventure.

Mark W./SAFan: Mark is the gentleman who not only posts and chats with us from South Africa, but he also planned for about 4 months to make this trip happen. St. Louis was the very first GW concert that he has attended, and Chicago/Rosemont was the second.

Shelley B./bcpcfan: Shelley, a singer herself, has now seen TGW twice, with Chicago being the second time. Her flight from Pennsylvania to Chicago was her first commercial flight, and very brave of her to attempt after what happened a month ago.

Clare M./Shillelagh: Clare hails from Edmonton, Alberta. One of the privileged people to live in a country where GW music is rampant. Mr. Help Desk to many of the posters, and one hell of a great guy.

Phil R./Kpack: Phil and wife Lorrie, our thoughtful providers of wearable American flags, hail from Wisconsin and have been to several concerts in the last year.

Sherry M./Tross: Sherry is a wonderful friend, the organizer extraordinaire, the calm force to balance out my frenetic energy, and a hoot to attend concerts with. Thank you for all of your hard work on the Great Guess Whooligan Chicago Adventure!

Dan H./VfD: Dan is one of our musical genuises. His song reviews always amaze me because of what he "hears" and can verbalize to us. One of the contributors on the From the Fans CD, Dan attended with his very lovely wife, Joan.

Susan W./SQ: That would be moi.

Karen/Miss Maypole: Karen, a resident of the Chicago area, has attended several concerts with Bob/Maple Fudge this year. It was a pleasure meeting both of them while we were in town...and they were the only Chicagoans brave enough to come out to Butch McGuire's with us. *S*

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