Pre-concert. Meeting up with even MORE people...endless phone calls to Room 234 (aka Guess Whooligans Central)...lunch with Sherry...gathering my wits for more things to come. The St. Louis road trip people were living on air and adrenaline at this point.

Mr. Santa Claus Cap/Ray P. surprised us when he actually made it to Gino's.
Car problems prevented him from making the St. Louis leg of the trip as planned, and we
had thought that he wouldn't make Chicago either. But we're glad that he did.

Mark Wilson getting a bit "verklempt" while he tries to deliver his
speech of thanks and deliver the gifts he brought from South Africa.

Standing: Phil/Kpack and Sherry/Tross (receiving her commemorative T-shirt). Sitting: Chef Steve and Nancy.

Ray P. and Mark Wilson.

Sherry/Tross gets a hug from Mark Wilson for planning the Chicago events.

The Guess Whooligans.

More Guess Whooligans.

Even more Guess Whooligans.

Photo compliments of Shelley.

Photo compliments of Shelley.

Photo compliments of Shelley.

Photo compliments of Shelley.

Shelley displaying her gift to BC...a laminated cover of the From the Fans CD.
Photo compliments of Shelley.

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