What a wonderful weekend it was, starting at 8 am on Saturday, September 30th, picking Clare up at O'Hare, meeting Mark W. at my sister's house, hearing that Ray P. could not make the St. Louis leg of the trip, and heading on down to Midway airport to meet up with Ruth Ann and wing our way to St. Louis to meet up with everyone there.

Many of you know about the great Rosemont ticket fiasco (thank you Sam and Lorne, for your help), but you may never know how much time and effort that Sherry and I put into this gathering...how many phone calls, emails, and faxes, the hours printing out signs and mounting them on cardstock...even hunting down airhorns during homecoming season. Every minute that was spent on organizing this Guess Who fan get-together in Chicago was worth it...and the pay back was all of the beaming faces at Gino's East on Monday night before the concert...as well as the beaming faces lighting up the Rosemont Theatre. Not to mention all the emotional hugs and the tears and the smiles all throughout the weekend.

Since I can't verbalize yet, and may never be able to do so (pretty pathetic for someone who earns a living with words), I will do what I do best...which is post the pictures I, and others, took of these events. Enjoy.

SQ in AZ

ps: Please sign the online petition to request induction of The Guess Who into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

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