Our flight home from St. Louis was delayed due to immense fog at Midway (thank God that it was delayed because all 4 of us slept for about 20 minutes in the airport, and we all passed out immediately on the plane and slept for most of the one hour flight...it had been a late night in Room 234), but the ride home from the airport was great because we got to listen to the last hour of the Guess Who tribute on the DRIVE radio station.

The trip to Navy Pier was a hoot. But first, the St. Louis attendees and the new arrivals in Chicago met up in the Best Western lobby. All weekend long, it was so nice to finally meet the 3-dimensional person rather than just typing at or talking on the phone with these people who share our musical interests (okay...let's call a spade a spade...our obsession with GW music). Meeting my twin, Shelley/bcpcfan in the lobby for the first time was too wonderful for words. And yes, I did immediately send her and Kathy back to their rooms for jackets. *LOL* And yes, I was wearing boots, but they were not army boots as previously reported.

Anyway, we took the hotel van to the airport, and, after asking for aid from a CTA worker who was very sweet, we managed to get ourselves on the Blue Line el train which we took downtown to Washington Street, where we transferred to the Red Line heading north to Grand Avenue, then walked a block south to pick up the free trolley to Navy Pier, where we walked around, shopped and enjoyed the beautiful view of the Chicago skyline as well as some superb people watching. Go figure that Mark from South Africa knew a guy working at Navy Pier. *LOL*

Riding the El to Navy Pier.
Photo compliments of Shelley.

Clare imagining some "Risky Business" during the El ride.
Photo compliments of Shelley.

Kathy, Shelley and Clare get ready to ride the 15-story tall
ferris wheel at Navy Pier. It takes 7.5 minutes to make a full
revolution but the views are spectacular.

This photo was taken on a previous trip of mine to Chicago, but I am posting
it for perspective on the ferris wheel and the Chicago skyline. I will admit when
I rode this ferris wheel for the first time, I had a panic attack when it neared the
top. You can't imagine how you feel...15 stories up...when it seems like this
never-stopping ferris wheel has indeed stopped. (Okay, I am afraid of heights...
I just don't let it stop me from helicopter rides, parasailing, or ferris wheels.) *S*

Our gang waiting for the bus to take us to our next stop,
Butch McGuire's on State and Division streets (near Rush Street).

Full moon rising over Navy Pier.

Photo compliments of Shelley.

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