Pictures and commentary are listed in chronological order so you can follow our wonderful 23 hours in Toronto.


Sherry and I met up at the Toronto airport around 10:30 am, quickly went to the hotel to check in and drop off our luggage, make a few phone calls, then it was off to El Mocambo to give our food donation and start our quest to collect a massive amount of tickets for the lottery. We took the subway part of the way, and walked quite a distance, freezing our collective wimpy butts off. *S* Yes, my boogers did indeed freeze. But, here we are making our first donation of the day, and meeting Linda, who was to become a real pal by the end of the day. *S*
From left to right: Susan, Sherry, Linda and another Food Bank worker.

Elmo poster

Sherry was already coveting the poster in the window at El Mo. Please note that were were at this point sharing a single pair of gloves to keep warm. Nothing like being prepared for the weather. *S*

Sherry at BoB

After additional food donations which brought our lottery ticket count up to 7, we spent some time touring the city. Of course, Blues on Bellair was on the list of places to see. I think Sherry had mace in her pocket in case any unsavory characters came wandering out.

Susan at BoB

Of course the two tourists both had to have a Kodak moment at this historic landmark.

Groucho gets winning ticket

After going back to the hotel for a short rest, showers and beauty land, Sherry and I met up with Glenn and Jody, and then headed back to El Mocambo and made more food donations, bringing our ticket count up to 13, as people had also given us their tickets in the meantime. I wanted to make one last attempt to get more tickets, so I pulled the trusty Groucho glasses out of my purse, headed to the store for more canned goods, and went back to our pal Linda, who already recognized me and Sherry from our many trips to make donations. Linda was a gem with a great sense of humor, who found the anonymous food donor to be quite funny. But, the good news was that we did indeed win 2 tickets inside from the ticket Linda gave us for this final food donation from Groucho in AZ.


See any resemblance to the Paramount shot? From left to right, Jody, Susan, Glenn, Sherry. This was before the large crowds gathered for the drawing. Once the drawing started, people were wall to wall and jammed together like Smoked Goldeye in a tin. *S*

We're in!

We wound up with 17 tickets for the lottery, and figured that one of those tickets was bound to be lucky. For the first half of the drawing, Sherry and I had no clue that Sam and Lorne had supplied us with passes, so winning was very important. I pulled out all stops and went to say hello and introduce myself to Gonzo, the DJ I spoke to on Friday night. Lo and behold, right after I introduced myself to him, a man walked up next to me and said, "Susan? I'm Sam!" I gave him a huge hug, and he let me know that Sherry and I were in. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Then we won the two tickets from Q107 and the food bank, and that meant that Jody and Diane (a friend of Glenn's) were in as well. Life was good. Inside El Mo, from left to right, Glenn, Sherry, Susan, and Jody.

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