Pictures and commentary are listed in chronological order so you can follow our wonderful 23 hours in Toronto.

Glenn, Jody, Fred, Sherry

Inside the El Mocambo, on the second floor, it was getting very crowded as people vied for a good standing position. I apologize to Fred and Sherry for the less than ideal photo, but I was really only able to take one shot due to the milling people. Fred and Sherry really don't look demented in person. *S* From left to right, Glenn, Jody, Fred and Sherry.

Sam is the opening act.

Before the show started, Sam made his way around to all the equipment to make sure everything was perfect. It was a great opening act. *S*

Randy Bachman

The show has begun. Very emotional for me, as the opening chords to "Running Back" were enough to bring tears to my eyes. I could not believe that I was finally hearing this fabulous, magical group live. Randy Bachman, pictured above.

Burton Cummings

Burton Cummings sings "These Eyes".

Randy acoustic

After switching over to acoustic guitar, Randy sings Let It Ride.

Burton and Garry

I apologize to Garry Peterson, and Donnie McDougall, as I did not have many opportunities to include them in photos. It seemed like whenever I had a good shot including Donnie, someone threw their arm up blocking the way, or he had his back turned. (I was able to get Bill Wallace in a few good photos, thankfully.) We were all pretty tightly packed in there, and it was difficult to manuever to a good position for a photo. Some of the photos are blurry because I held the camera way above my head to shoot over the arms waving in the audience.


Burton and Randy during Talisman. Another song that brought tears to my eyes. And fie on everyone in the audience who decided to talk during this beautiful song.


Burton singing Talisman.

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