Pictures and commentary are listed in chronological order so you can follow our wonderful 23 hours in Toronto.


What I can say about the music is that, live, I could hear all the separate parts together at once. I really heard the harmonies and the guitars and the drums. Maybe it was partly due to the fact that I am very visual and I could see who was playing what, or singing what. I'll have to think about this. There was just so much to watch and pay attention to, I think I'll have to go to many more concerts next year, now that I am no longer jinxed. *VBS*

Burton and Bill

Watching BC perform was amazing as well. He really, truly gave his all, and he sounded spectacular....better than on any recording I've heard. His expressions and chatter were a delight to watch and hear.

American Woman

If I remember correctly, this was during the opening to American Woman. Wooohooooo! I don't think anyone could have stopped themselves from dancing around during this number. I could have listened to that intro go on for at least a full hour without getting tired of it. *S*


Poor Garry is hidden away behind his drums.


They really truly are magical together.

Randy with drumstick

The infamous Randy-plays-guitar-with-drumstick segment of American Woman.

Randy, American Woman

More Randy during American Woman.

Randy and Burton

Randy and Burton during American Woman.

Bill and Donnie

I did manage to work my way over to the right of the stage for a shot of Bill and Donnie, but not close enough for my flash to offset the stage lighting.

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