The Best Of The Guess Who Live

Released: 1986
Compleat Records
Band Personnel: Bachman, Cummings, Kale, Peterson
Recorded live on June 29th, 1983 at a reunion concert in Toronto. There was also a concert video released called "The Guess Who - Together Again".

Song Title/Composer(s) Released as a single

Albert Flasher (Cummings)  

American Woman (Bachman/Cummings/Kale/Peterson)  

Bus Rider (Winter)  

C'Mon And Dance (Bachman/Cummings)  

Clap For The Wolfman (Cummings/Winter/Wallace)  

Creepin' Peepin' Baby Blues (Cummings)  

Glamour Boy (Cummings)  

Hand Me Down World (Winter)  

Hang On To Your Life (Cummings/Winter)  

Laughing (Bachman/Cummings)  

Let's Watch The Sun Go Down (Kale)  

Love Grows (Peterson)  

No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature (Bachman/Cummings)  

No Time (Bachman/Cummings)  

Rain Dance (Cummings/Winter)  

Runnin' Back to Saskatoon (Cummings/Winter)  

Sour Suite (Cummings)  

These Eyes (Bachman/Cummings)  

Undun (Bachman)  

What's Gonna Happen To The Kids (Bachman)  

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