It's Time

Released: 1966
Quality Records
Band Personnel: Allan, Bachman, Kale, Peterson and Cummings
NOTE: Chad Allan (not shown on the cover) performed on the album but left before it was released. Bruce Decker (shown on the cover) did not perform on the album. A little confusing, to say the least.

Song Title/Composer(s) Released as a single

All Right (Ross/Vanadore) 1966B

And She's Mine (Bachman) 1966A

As (Bachman)  

Baby Feelin' (J. Kidd) 1966B

Believe Me (Bachman) 1966A

Clock On The Wall (Bachman) 1966A

Don't Act So Bad (Kale)  

Gonna Search (Bachman)  

Guess I'll Find A Place (C. Allan)  

One Day (Bachman) 1966B

Seven Long Years (Cummings)  

You Know He Did (L. Ransford)  

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