The Guess Who in concert at the Idaho Center, American Woman Tour 2001

Well, I am an admitted weakling. I could not let L.A. be my last Guess Who concert, so I decided to pack my bags once again, and head out to Nampa/Boise, Idaho, and then on to Seattle for the last concert of the tour.

Nampa was interesting because I was the only Guess Whooligan attending. Fortunately, there were a pair of front row tickets for sale on Ebay, and I managed to convince the seller to sell me one of the tickets, and he managed to find a baby sitter so that he could attend the concert as well, so I did have someone to share the experience with. Thank you, Eric...I really had a lot of fun!

One thing I will say about the people in Nampa/Boise...they certainly know how to ENJOY a concert!!!!! These were not seat-huggers...these were get up and dance and make some noise people. My kind of people. *S* The best thing was that security had no problem with people being up in front of the stage dancing and cavorting around, which allowed me the freedom to roam and take photos from all different angles, rather than being confined to my little two foot square space.

As for the concert was amazing! I have to escalate the Nampa concert to about the same level as Elmo. Maybe the band was excited about almost being done with the tour...maybe their adrenaline was flowing when they saw how excitable and enthused and appreciative the audience was...maybe it was just meant to be that kind of a magical night. Since no one else from the boards attended, I don't have any back up to explain this phenomenon...but I briefly spoke to Mik, the sound tech, in Seattle the next night, and he agreed that Nampa was almost on the Elmo level.

I've scanned 87 of the 144 photos I took in Nampa. A 60% photo rate is about right, what with the difficulties caused by constant changes in stage lighting. Again, a huge thank you to Sam for the Photo Pass...without it, I couldn't supply what you will soon see. So sit back and enjoy.

SQ in AZ

ps: Please sign the online petition to request induction of The Guess Who into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

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