Seattle...the last concert of the Guess Who's 2001 American Woman Tour. My ninth concert in 11 months. A little obsessive? I certainly don't think so. Each concert was extremely enjoyable, and rather than getting tired of any of the songs, I learned to appreciate some that I didn't "Clap for the Wolfman". *S* And each time time I heard "American Woman" it was better than before. I lived for that song...especially the bluesy, sexy, rocking intro.

A large part of my enjoyment of the concerts was meeting fellow posters on the boards, and being able to experience with these special people the music we love and discuss ad nauseum. And they are indeed special people. Meeting each of them in person for the first time was never strange. We already knew each other from typing and sometimes phone calls, but our 3-dimensional selves had never occupied the same space. In almost every instance I found that the person was the same in person as they were online, only better. It is for all of you, as well as the people I haven't met in person yet, that I happily provide these order to keep our concert experiences alive.

Although Seattle was indeed the last concert of the American Woman tour, let us all hope that it is not an ending, but simply a transition to bigger and better things from the Guess Who. May they remain healthy and happy and musically prolific for decades to come.

Now...on to the photos!

SQ in AZ

ps: Please sign the online petition to request induction of The Guess Who into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

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