Fred H., SQ and Greg Simpson (bon vivant, flirt extraordinaire, and right hand man to Neil Dixon at CMW, when his right hand isn't yielding a sharpie) who took time out of his busy schedule to party with us.

Bonnie, Sandy and SQ wearing the confetti from the table. Just one of those silly moments that make life fun. *S*

Sandy, gearing up for Canadian Music Week.

Fred and Sherry, trying to figure out what the hell the rest of us were doing. ;)

Fred's expression is priceless. I would pay in US dollars to know his thoughts. Then again...maybe I wouldn't want to know, considering the expression on my face. *LOL*

Diane brings out Sam's cake.

Sandra, SQ and Donnie...I have no clue what we were laughing about. Were we arguing about Guess Who Blues?

Sam's cake, intact. The story is that Sam said he would love to hear the Carpet Frogs for his birthday. So his cake had 3 frogs on carpets.

Sherry and Bruce put their perverted minds together and caused the frogs to perform obscene acts.

The cake, lit. Like so many people in the room. ;)

Sam (allowed to handle sharp objects) and Bruce.

SQ, Barry Roden (who does a lot of the official GW photography), and Michele G.

Sandy and Barry.

Sam, who was very attached to his balloons.

Umm...ummm...who IS this guy? ;)

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