Seb (is that 18 inches or millimeters away?), SQ and Peter.

Michele and Gary have a serious conversation.

Wait! It wasn't serious. Gary said it was thiissssssss long. ;)

Michele, SQ and Gary.

Wet. We were so wet. Made a foray out into the Toronto weather for cigarettes. What a mistake. Going cold turkey would have been easier. The drowned rats return, triumphant, but freezing. Peter, thank you for being a sport and coming with me, but damn it, learn to follow directions. *LMAO* Nice tour of Yorkville, though.

Max, in flashy, infamous blue shirt, dancing with some unknown person.

Peter and Gary, who never learned that playing with his food isn't nice. Perv!

Speaking of pervs...Michele and Peter have some 'splainin' to do. Octopus...I liked Segarini's description of a land octopus. *LOL*

Okay...the AZ woman was cold after the ciggy she chugged a bottle of Tobasco. Peter kindly helped fan the flame, and Seb just kind of looked amused.

Oh my...Seb brought this t-shirt for Peter. But Peter, being a nice guy, gave it to me to take back to AZ with me. What a great shirt! My Canada includes every bitching, whining, province, aboriginal, feminist, minority and special interest group. *S* I love Canada!

Gary and Diane settle his bill. Notice Diane isn't choking.

Diane and SQ. I have to tell you that Diane is one of the sweetest people that I have met. As is her husband, Peter. Frequent Blues on Bellair because they take care of their customers. (Hey...Simpson had the Sharpie out for this photo...that's the only explanation.)

SQ, Seb and Gary...discussing, once again, the merit of blues over country. ;)

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